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Age Groups

To cater to the individual needs of every child, our childcare centre is organised into 3 age groups


We know and understand that the first two years of a child’s life is a rapid growth time where every moment matters.

• We see our babies as curious, capable and competent learners
• We provide a safe and challenging environment for babies to explore, learn and develop relationships, to build foundations for the future


Being a toddler is an amazing time when they start to explore and discover the world around them.

• Our aim is to support them as they develop their curiosity of the strange new world around them
• Provide a safe and secure base to which they can return and regroup


Preschool is an age where a child progresses through their final preparation before primary school. At this stage we focus on providing them with all the tools they will need to be confident and curious learners and be ready to engage with larger numbers of children in a more formal setting.

• Promote independence and encourage active participation
• Develop creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills
• Promote an easy and stress free transition to school

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum benefits children’s development, learning and well-being. We are committed to the principles of the New Zealand early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki. At Blooming Buds we provide an environment that encourages

• A sense of belonging and well being
• Care and respect for self, others and the environment
• Children to develop confidence in themselves and their own skills and abilities
• Play, explore, and develop positive social interactions
• Development of Intellectual challenge and Communication skills
• Development of positive relationships with teachers and peers
• The development of early literacy and mathematical understanding
• To encourage our children to work through challenges, view mistakes as part of learning, and take positive actions to solve problems
• Development of individual strengths and character
• Encouraging family involvement and feedback into the development and delivery of our educational programs
Blooming Buds work together to support children based on their individual needs. By creating positive early learning environments tailored to individual needs, we help them to achieve their full potential.

School Transition

As each child grows and matures the move through to formal schooling is one of their most significant life experiences. We believe that preparing each child to give them the confidence and ability to achieve that successful transition is an absolute necessity and a basic requirement which starts from their first year of life. Through the Blooming buds curriculum, we can scaffold children’s learning through a safe, wide range of experiences that will set them up for lifelong, confident learning.

We provide that first experience of the educational world as it is divided into different subjects yet focus on the holistic, social and emotional development of each child. We give that first look at the arts and sciences together with the basic building blocks of literacy and numeracy which are vital to children’s understanding of the other subjects. By doing this we encourage and nurture the children’s natural curiosity and desire to engage with the outside world yet all the time giving support and encouragement to our children to learn at their own pace. We believe in meaningful, associative and active learning.


• Children are encouraged to explore and learn through the world around them through play.
• We are passionate about our connections to nature and the opportunities we can provide children to engage and interact with their environment.
• The Blooming Buds community is dedicated to promoting and implementing sustainable practices, including edible gardens that the children can engage in and see the fruits of their labour.
• Blooming Buds promotes the use of recycled, reusable, natural and sustainable resources.
Level 2- Blooming Buds Plan
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