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Our philosophy


To provide a child-centered environment with a wide range of indoor/outdoor activities that allows children to explore and discover particular and unique interests.

To provide a child initiated play based programme which helps young children in making physical, cognitive, social, and emotional connections.

To provide a childcare centre where children are trusted to make choices that are appropriate for their own level of readiness.

To provide children an opportunity to develop knowledge and an understanding of the cultural heritages of both parties of the Treaty, through the use of Tikanga and Te Reo throughout the programme.


We utilise every opportunity for children to learn about their community.

We respect diversity, culture and individual differences.

We are dedicated to offering guidance to our children and setting them on the path to being positive role models in society.


Our educators focus on an enhanced approach to stimulating education and child care.

Our educators provide appropriate activities in each room to support continued growth.

Our educators value each other's contributions and the need for ongoing professional development.


We encourage family participation in children's learning and development as we believe that they are the first and primary caregivers and educators.

We value strong partnerships between families and educators and build a community that is thoughtful, warm and compassionate.

We encourage social interactions and bonding with siblings, family and friends.

We facilitate an open flow of communication with families while maintaining confidentiality and respecting their privacy.

Level 2- Blooming Buds Plan
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