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Level 2- Blooming Buds Plan


You will have more freedom of movement at Alert Level 2, but it’s up to each one of us to keep the rest of New Zealand safe. People can reconnect with friends and family, go shopping, or travel domestically, but should follow public health guidance. It is safe to send your children to preschool. There will be appropriate measures in place.

Extra precautions Blooming Buds is implementing:


In alert level 2, Blooming Buds is open for all children and their whānau, and we will return to our usual opening hours: Monday-Friday 700am-6pm.Children can attend their usual bookings (pre COVID-19). As always, we still require a text message to 021 2848001 or email admin@bloomingbuds.co.nz if your child is going to be away on their booked day.

  • Children are not able to attend if they are showing any symptoms. Even if children are " sick" during level 2, they must stay home.
  • Fees will start being charged again at the start of level 2. Invoices will be emailed to parents as usual.
  • If children are not returning in level 2 because of any precautionary measures, I will be touching base with you to discuss fee arrangements.
  • All kaiako will be returning to work at level 2.
  • We will work alongside parents and whānau to support them and their child as they settle back into Blooming Buds. We're aware that some children may be anxious and will require some extra support when they return.
Be Kind - Kia atawhai
Check-in on others - Me toro ki etahi atu
Help others - Awhinatia etahi atu


In level 2 we are able to go back to our usual booking times.

  • Our goal is to support the wellbeing of our tamariki, and we're aware that in order to do this effectively, parents may need to stay a little longer at drop-off time.
  • We do ask, that in level 2, we still only have one adult dropping their child off, or picking them up at a time. We also ask that school-age siblings do not spend time in the centre.
  • Anyone coming into the centre must wash their hands. Please use the hand sanitiser (Rongoā Whakanoa Ringa) before signing in/out.
  • We will continue to keep a log book to ensure we have easy-to-access information about who has been in the centre.

If you, or anyone in your home is unwell, please seek medical advice before coming to the centre. You can call Healthline on: 0800 358 5433


  • We will still offer distance learning support for children who are not able to attend Blooming Buds throughout Alert Level 2 (e.g. those that are self- isolating).
  • We will also resume the use of our daily diaries for our Under2’s.
  • You're always welcome to give us a call during the day, or send a text if you'd like an update on how your child is doing: 021 2848001 or ring 09 8181001
  • We will continue with our Whanaungatanga group inquiry, and will continue to support children with their current individual inquiries.
  • If there's anything specific you'd like us to focus on with your child, then please chat to their room kaiako.


Life at level two requires a lot of trust in others.

  • We all still have a part to play to ensure that we continue to make progress, and that we don't end up going back up the levels.
  • Thorough hand-washing and drying is still very necessary, as well as other hygiene practices, such as, coughing into your elbow.
  • We will continue to support the tamariki to wash their hands thoroughly at the centre.
  • We have hand sanitiser available in the main foyer and all the rooms. We ask that you sanitise your hands before signing your child in/out in the respective rooms.
  • It's very important that children do not attend if they're feeling unwell.


All kaiako will return to the centre at level 2.

  • Kaiako will return to their set roster to ensure consistency.
  • Regulations usually require the learning space to be at a minimum of 16 degrees, the new requirement during level 2 is that the space will be set at a minimum of 18 degrees.
  • As usual, kaiako meal breaks will be staggered.
  • Kaiako will be responsible for keeping a contact tracing register to record who is on site each day.
  • Kaiako are responsible for carrying out the new daily cleaning checklist.
  • Kaiako will actively manage adherence to the safety measures and expectations.


There does not need to be a measurable physical distance between children or children and staff at Blooming Buds. However, we will:

  • Keep a 1m distance between adults (where practical).
  • Limit drop-offs/pick-ups to one adult at a time to avoid congregation.
  • Have a consistent, set roster.
  • Serve kai for children, and have less at the table during kai time.

It is not possible to explain or maintain a physical distance between young children. We will do our best to ensure that children aren't mouthing items, and will thoroughly clean anything that is mouthed.

Please note: Kaiako will still cuddle children when they need a cuddle, as this is an important part of nurturing their wellbeing.


At Blooming Buds we usually have a weekly cleaning checklist for kaiako, as well as a cleaner who comes in each night.

We have developed an additional daily cleaning checklist, and will continue to have Crestclean(cleaning company) come in at the end of each day to do a thorough deep clean. Practices such as:

  • cleaning door handles.
  • cleaning toilets (whare paku) more often.
  • cleaning hand-basins/soap holders regularly have been added to the daily cleaning schedule.
  • All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected (patu huaketo) daily.
  • Everyone will be required to wash and dry their hands thoroughly, and frequently. Horoia ō ringaringa.
  • PPE is not required.
  • We will continue to use gloves during nappy changes.
  • We will ensure LBP is well ventilated.


  • Kaiako will be very strict in terms of our child health policy.
  • Children will NOT be able to attend Blooming Buds if they have any symptoms.

We're aware that the common cold is also in season, however we have to adhere to a strict zero tolerance for illness policy.

  • Symptoms/Tohu Mate
  • Breathlessness/Hēmanawa
  • Aching Body/Tinana Mamae
  • Sore Throat/Korokoro Mamae
  • Fatigue/Rūhā Ngenge
  • Dry Cough/Mare Tauraki
  • Fever/Kirika

The Director-General of Health also includes sneezing, blocked ears and head colds to this list.

If a child becomes unwell at Blooming Buds they will be isolated immediately (in Manager’s office, with a kaiako), and parents will be called to come and collect them. Parents should then seek medical advice about whether they should be tested. Healthline: 0800 358 5433.


  • Everyone will be required to regularly and thoroughly wash and dry their hands. Kaiako will actively support and supervise tamariki to do so.
  • We will support children transitioning back into the centre by incorporating some of the things they did at home - we will use Storypark to communicate with the child's whānau. The Kaiako will also print the pictures shared from home so children can revisit these at the centre.
  • We will record in a log book everyone who has come into the centre. We will not have an open door policy or engage in group-based excursions during this period in order to reduce contact.
  • We will complete regular cleaning as per the daily and weekly cleaning schedules. Crest Clean will be completing thorough deep cleaning practices every evening.
  • Kaiako will serve food. Children will be spread out during kai and sleep times.
  • We will have a zero tolerance policy for illness. Usual invoicing will resume.
  • Anyone coming into the centre will be required to wash their hands thoroughly on entry. Hand sanitiser is also available.
  • We will encourage outdoor play, sleeping and eating when appropriate. When children require a cuddle, kaiako will still give them cuddles.
  • We will be open to receiving feedback and ideas from whānau on additional practices we could introduce.
  • We will be contactable via our centre cellphone and will be able to respond to parents throughout the day.


Our focus will be about protecting and promoting the health and wellbeing of our tamariki. It's important that as children return they continue to experience affection, warmth and consistent care.

  • They will need consistency and continuity, especially at these times of transition.
  • They already have a foundation of remembered and anticipated people, places, things and experiences, and these things will give them the confidence to engage successfully as they settle back in.
  • We will be paying special attention to aspects of physical care, such as healthy eating and nutrition and opportunities for physical activity.
  • We will provide comfortable, quiet spaces and opportunities for rest and sleep with some flexibility around routines.
  • We will ensure that routines respond to individual circumstances and needs and allow for frequent outdoor experiences, regular rest times, and a variety of group and individual interactions, with one-to-one attention from adults every day.
  • Kaiako will continue to build relationships of trust and respect children’s rights by acknowledging feelings and individuality, explaining procedures, taking children’s fears and concerns seriously, and responding sensitively.


  • At Alert Level 2, people who are probable or confirmed cases of COVID-19, or who are a close contact of a case, will have to self- isolate for 14 days, or until cleared by a doctor.
  • Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 should get tested — contact your doctor or Healthline. 0800 611 116 / 0800 358 5453
  • On the advice of public health officials, any educational facilities connected to a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 must close (for 72 hrs) to allow contact tracing, and then potentially for a further 14 days.
“We know what we are, but know not what we may be”

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Level 2- Blooming Buds Plan
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